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The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast

The Nutrition Blueprint podcast is a health, nutrition, and fitness show hosted by registered dietitian and sports nutrition coach Andres Ayesta. Formerly Vive Nutrition Radio, this podcast is focused on bringing the latest in nutrition and health education to help you design a better lifestyle starting with what you put on your plate. Through expert interviews and his popular chit chat series, Andres dissects common topics into digestible (pun intended) pieces that are applicable to everyone's goals. From weight loss and fat loss strategies to supplementation and life hacks, this podcast is everything you need to be the best version of you

Mar 21, 2023

Today I sat down with Emily Nichols for a conversation on healthy habits and self-care strategies to help moms thrive. Emily explained why women need to do habits differently, what habits are important to prioritize, and how to reset your habits if you feel like you've fallen off track.
The Cliff Notes
Emily's story of leaving a corporate job to become a coach
Why women need to do habits differently
The importance of habit tracking
Top habits to focus on
Ways to reset habits through the seasons with Emily's 5-Step Process
About Emily
Emily Nichols is the host of Self Transformed—a top 1.5% podcast that helps working moms and entrepreneurs habit hack their health in less time, guilt free.
From her own struggles, Emily finally found the solutions to feeling empowered, confident, & how to live a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t feel hard or like another thing on your to do list through the power of HABIT HACKING!
Emily is now on a mission to redefine what self care really means and equip other women with these sustainable habit hacks to help transform your life from the inside out and start putting yourself first without the guilt through the podcast, her programs, tools from the Transformation Shop and the Hacking Hacking Society, 
Emily is also a wife, #boymom, Certified Personal Trainer, Orangetheory Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Whole30 Coach, & Taco Tuesday Enthusiast.
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