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The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast

The Nutrition Blueprint podcast is a health, nutrition, and fitness show hosted by registered dietitian and sports nutrition coach Andres Ayesta. Formerly Vive Nutrition Radio, this podcast is focused on bringing the latest in nutrition and health education to help you design a better lifestyle starting with what you put on your plate. Through expert interviews and his popular chit chat series, Andres dissects common topics into digestible (pun intended) pieces that are applicable to everyone's goals. From weight loss and fat loss strategies to supplementation and life hacks, this podcast is everything you need to be the best version of you

Oct 29, 2019

Livi Ron is a meat scientist and fellow registered dietitian out of Chicago who educates on the realities and truths behind meats and farming practices and some misconceptions that exist around this. 

In this awesome episode, we discussed

  • Her interest in meat and her background in the meat industry 
  • Use of antibiotics...

Oct 22, 2019

Mike T Nelson, CISSN, CSCS, MSME, PhD is a metabolism and fitness expert specializing in improving body comp and performance in athletes of all types.

Dr. Mike T. Nelson has spent 18 years of his life learning how the human body works, specifically focusing on how to properly condition it to burn fat and...

Oct 15, 2019

If you have ever compared yourself to other people and try to figure out how you measure up, this is a short episode you will NOT want to miss. 

I have been hearing a lot of people talk about other’s people progress and the discouragement they feel when their own progress does not go as fast as them and made me...

Oct 8, 2019

Steve Hall is the founder of Revive Stronger. Steve has always been extremely active and into sports, however having been involved in a serious accident, everything changed. It was here Steve fell in love with lifting weights as this allowed him to take control of his life.

After a few years of working office jobs and...

Oct 1, 2019

In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to interview fellow registered dietitian Nicole Rodrigues. 

Nicole is a  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, NASM-CPT, disco-funk connoisseur, and tricolor-cookie aficionado. She is a proud wife and mother of one. 

In today’s episode we discussed: 

Misconceptions on Grass-Fed...