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The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast

The Nutrition Blueprint podcast is a health, nutrition, and fitness show hosted by registered dietitian and sports nutrition coach Andres Ayesta. Formerly Vive Nutrition Radio, this podcast is focused on bringing the latest in nutrition and health education to help you design a better lifestyle starting with what you put on your plate. Through expert interviews and his popular chit chat series, Andres dissects common topics into digestible (pun intended) pieces that are applicable to everyone's goals. From weight loss and fat loss strategies to supplementation and life hacks, this podcast is everything you need to be the best version of you

Dec 4, 2018

Hormones are a hot topic nowadays and I wanted to bring in an expert guest that was well-versed in this topic. In today’s episode, Joanne Keller explains the basics of hormones and hormonal profiles, and how they affect people’s health. Joanne is a Nurse practitioner who went from a sickened-based practice to a wellness-based practice in her career to be able to prevent illness and live better lives


In this VNR Episode you will hear:


  • Cortisol and its daily fluctuations
  • The ideal time of the time for training
  • Everything you need to know about your testosterone levels and how to regulate them
  • Ways to naturally boost testosterone
  • Importance of vitamin D in hormonal balance
  • Why is it so important to understand hormonal levels in the blood
  • How hormonal imbalances could be the reason you are not seeing the results you want to see


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